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Entry Level Websites

Many companies and individuals have a need for a basic website to promote their products and services.

Unfortunately, most of the low cost solutions provide low quality sites, the entry level sites I provide have a unique sideways scrolling action, are optimised for search engine position, do not display clients e-mail addresses to combat spam.

  Abbey Storage
Abbey Storage

Abbey Storage contacted me to produce a simple web presence site utilising a domain they had already registered.

I designed the site to fit a browser sized at 800*600 pixels.

The site is presented as an unusual horizontal scrolling window showcasing the services offered by this storage solutions company.

The site does not display the clients e-mail, this helps reduce the amount of spam caused by email harvesting robots scanning the Internet.
  Careys Private Hire
Careys Private Hire

Careys Private Hire requested an understated web site.

I designed the site to fit a browser sized at 800*600 pixels.

The site is presented as a horizontal scrolling window showcasing the services offered by this quality private hire company.

More Advanced Websites

  Acacia Conservatories
Conservatories from Acacia

View Live Site

I designed and created a web site for Acacia Conservatories, a specialist company that designs and builds traditional hardwood conservatories.

This site is well placed on the major search engines and my clients are very pleased with the number of positive responses they receive via the web site.
  Blairgowrie Guesthouse
Blairgowrie Guesthouse

I designed and created this website to advertise Blairgowrie Guest House in Bath, Somerset.

This site achieves good positions on the major search engines such as Google and is the major source of bookings for my client.
  Gites in the Languedoc
Gites in the Languedoc

View Live Site

This website was developed using ASP technologies to provide dual languages, English and French.

Another feature of this site is the ability to view larger images just by clicking on any image.

Database Driven and eCommerce Websites

  The Gifted Goat
The Gifted Goat

This site is a full eCommerce site that is easily maintained by the client

  • Database based shopping cart.
  • Encryption of Passwords and Credit Card numbers.
  • Customer can view and modify their personal info by logging on to their account.
  • Advanced search function.
  • Catalogue & Products
    • Unlimited number of Products, Categories and Options.
    • Option Groups can be individually set to Optional or Required.
    • Support for product Ratings & Reviews per product.
  • Easily manage Products, Categories, Options, Customers, Shipping, Locations, Orders and much more.
  • Emails sent to customer via the store can be customized.
  The Lamp Company
The Lamp Company

View Live Site

I worked in collaboration with two other companies on the creation of this site. A design company who liaised with the client and produced a comprehensive design in Photoshop, and another company who were responsible for the back-end data relating to the products.

My involvement included creating many of the pages in ASP based on the Photoshop design, creation of the novel top of page navigation, the ask the expert section as well as many elements which are maintainable by the client but are not directly related to the products.

The site has many nice features, such as the 3D shading and dynamically sizeable data areas. It operates cross-browser and cross-platform.
  Alpha Impact

View Live Site

The client provided a specification for me to create a new website for them. Their current website was looking a little dated and was quite difficult to maintain.

The website I developed has a fresh and modern look, it contains a registrations page which gathers data from registrants, e-mails this information directly to Alpha Impact together with any supporting documentation provided by the registrant.

The site also holds details of job vacancies offered by the client, these are entered via an Access database system I developed and synchronised with the website by a single click.

The client requested an update which required the programming of a bespoke back-end content management system to allow the client to add stories to the site and upload appropriate pictures, this system also provides a function to archive the stories

Other Website Services

  • Domain Names I can assist you in locating a suitable web address if required.
  • Hosting I can also provide high quality hosting, please be aware that although FREE hosting seems to be a very good deal, most free hosting merely provides a pointer to your website and hides the content from search engines!
For more information or to discuss your requirements please contact me on the number above or via e-mail
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