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These are a few testimonials from companies I have worked with.
Client: Waste King Limited

Client Comments:
After struggling along with a slow and cumbersome Excel system for our Skip Brokerage Department we started a new project looking to build a new system. We approached 3 separate businesses and spoke in detail of what we required. Not only did Dennis understand our vision, he also helped us plan and discuss the build with his sound technical knowledge and years of experience. Cost was in budget and very competitive, easy decision to move forwards with Dennis.

The project was agreed and a deposit paid, the service, updates and feedback were second to none and the finished database is fast, stable and adaptable for future growth.

I would highly recommend Dennis, he has a talent for turning technical babble into plain English.

The database is running perfectly, thanks again for your work on this.

Andy Cattigan, Waste King Limited

Client: Paul Mellon Centre

Client Comments:
Having found Dennis McDermott’s details on the internet, I spoke to him on the phone regarding a twelve-year old Access database, which needed updating. Dennis talked through the issues, in layman’s language, and we subsequently asked him to make a number of changes and updates for us.

He also undertook further work to provide a variety of reports and has greatly improved our Access database for us.

He undertook the work quickly and to our great satisfaction. He is very approachable and reliable. I can thoroughly recommend Dennis and his expertise.

Mary Peskett Smith
Grants and Fellowships Manager
Paul Mellon Centre

Client: Advice North Lincolnshire

Client Comments:
Dennis designed and delivered a bespoke system that enabled our partner organisations to really strengthen their client contact recording. The system has ensured our organisations are able to effectively monitor and evidence their outcomes and outputs.

Dennis was fantastic from the beginning and I can only commend him for his endless patience and ability to communicate technical information in a way that could be understood by those with limited Microsoft Access knowledge.

Dennis ensured he fully understood our requirements and worked with us to incorporate elements we hadn’t even considered delivering the system on time and within budget. I highly recommend Dennis and look forward to working with him on all our future database needs.

Lucy Stephenson
Project Manager
Advice North Lincolnshire

Client: Virtual BM.

Client Comments:
Dennis has recently designed, developed and installed a bespoke sales monitoring and reporting system for my company, and I honestly cannot believe how easy the transition was!

I was extremely impressed with the manner in which Dennis was able to take on board details of the specific requirements of our business and develop a system that is fast, effective and above all simple to use. In fact, after many years of working in various motor dealerships, and often having to use clumsy and overly complicated systems, this new system that Dennis has created for us is a refreshing change. My staff, who initially were slightly anxious about adapting to a new system, have taken to it in no time, and have been happily using it ever since!

Throughout the complete development process from initial information gathering, through to system design and implementation, to user training and fine tuning, Dennis has been proficient, highly professional and incredibly patient, having the ability to be able to communicate clearly with clients who are not from a technical background, whilst simultaneously showing a depth of understanding about the business they are involved in and their specific needs.

I would not hesitate to recommend Dennis and am looking forward to working with him again in the future.

Amanda Watts
Virtual BM

Client: 121 Fundraising Ltd.

Client Comments:
To his great credit Dennis rapidly grasped the fundamentals of the problem: part of the conundrum is that to identify the high risk combinations using a conventional approach would have required a very substantial amount of processing power and a long time to run, even on a powerful server / database facility; impractical in the context of a weekly draw.

Dennis's solution is both simple and elegant, with an Access 2003 application taking a data feed from our main system. Results are available in a variety of formats and flavours and enable us to see rapidly where corrective action is needed.

I would add that costs are very reasonable and flagged in advance, meaning no unpleasant surprises. Anyone looking for an intelligent, value-for-money and friendly approach to application development can expect to be very pleased with their choice when appointing Dennis McDermott to the task.

Clive Mollett
121 Fundraising Limited.

Client: GAP Photos Ltd.

Client Comments:
Due to rapid expansion of our collection, our existing database technology was bursting at the seams. Using an online Content Management System with our back-end database our website was regularly experiencing slow performance.

With the help of Dennis we were able to migrate our database over to Microsoft SQL and now have a much faster, stable solution. This was vitally important to our business as we are an online-only company and the website is our only way of fulfilling customer orders.

Dennis also provided us with the relevant training to undertake minor changes to the system ourselves as we used to in our older system.

We were pleasantly surprised with the seamless transfer from one system to another with Dennis's help. Previous developers had left us cautious as we had experienced time consuming and costly errors along the way. Dennis asks all the right questions and adopts a 'right-first-time approach' which he certainly lived up to.

We now have a reputation within our industry of having the fastest and easiest to use website for our clients and this has led to many of our customers using us as their "first choice" supplier. The speed and ease of use has made the world of difference.

A big thank-you to Dennis, we will be back for more!

GAP Photos Ltd.

Client: Almond Art

Client Comments:
I originally found Dennis with a Google search; I have to say that initially I was a little sceptical about contacting someone I was not familiar with to carry out some work to our aging database.

Dennis proved to be a very good find. He firstly converted our database from Access 97 to Access 2003, he then made some improvements to forms and layouts etc. He is professional, friendly and efficient. He kept me informed at all times of his progress and any costs incurred so that there were no surprises at the end. On the occasions that he came across problems he sorted them quickly and without fuss.

We had used our database pretty much unchanged for 9 years until Dennis upgraded it, with the improvements he made hopefully there are a good few years left in it. Should I have any need for further improvements or alterations to it, I would not hesitate to contact Dennis again and I would recommend his services to anyone.

Kevin Adams
Almond Art

Client: ABS Wastewater Technology Ltd.

Client Comments:
We had a very urgent need for an internal database system to schedule our service orders for a key customer. Following several discussions with local developers, nobody was able to meet our very tight deadline.

Finally following an internet search we found Dennis's website and made contact with him. After a brief chat and an emailed specification of what we needed, Dennis was able to confirm very quickly that he could complete the MS Access based system within our time demands and at a reasonable cost.

Despite no face to face meetings and all communication being made by phone and email, Dennis was able to exactly meet our design specification. The delivery was on time and the system worked faultlessly from day one.

We were very impressed with the professionalism and level of service provided, even under less than ideal conditions, which would have put off many suppliers.

Clive Patten
Managing Director
ABS Wastewater Technology Ltd.

Client: Air Heating Southern Ltd.

Client Comments:
Following an office relocation we decided to update our IT equipment and after purchasing the various hardware we required the office PC's to be networked. Our database software was also unreliable and we required some programming to be undertaken to produce a new one. We contacted two or three local companies who all tried to sell us various expensive servers for the networking and only one of them could write us a new database program at an exorbitant cost.

We contacted Dennis through one of his advertisements and arranged for him to visit our office and quote for networking and writing the new database program. Within minutes of his arrival he confirmed that we did not require a server and that the network could be set up easily and at a fraction of the cost we had previously been quoted.

After showing Dennis the existing database he made some excellent suggestions on how to improve it and promptly had a new program written which was up and running perfectly within a matter of weeks. We have since had one or two alterations made to the database in line with improvements in our company structure, all of which were completed quickly and efficiently.

Towards the end of last year we decided that we should really have a website set up and of course contacted Dennis straight away. Although it seemed like a mammoth task to us, again Dennis made some excellent suggestions and had the website up and running in no time at all at a very reasonable price. We had our first enquiry two days after the site went live and have had many more since then.

Dennis is very personable, listens carefully to your requirements and delivers on time to the exact specification. We would have no hesitation in recommending him and have no objection to being contacted should anyone require any further reference.

Mike Russell
Air Heating Southern Ltd.

Client: Metal Cleaning UK Ltd. and Standish Metal Treatment Ltd.

Client Comments:
I initially contacted Dennis to update an old Access 97 system. Dennis completed the work on time and well within budget but still more work was required to turn the old system into a workable database.

Following Dennis's recommendations we started afresh using access 2003 designing a new system far superior to the basic model and capable of much, much more. Explaining the step by step process of a shot blasting and painting operation is not very easy. Dennis soaked up the information, I cannot think of a time when I had to explain a process more than once. It isn't rocket science I know, but it can be pretty complicated at times; the dry film thickness formulas and relationships between coating application, times and climatic conditions etc. All have to be understood prior to programming.

Dennis set certain criteria for information to be entered correctly and added live 'popups' that total financial category data in real time, a real aid when ordering against budgets. The reports produced are brilliant, everyone at both Metal Cleaning UK and Standish Metal Treatment are very pleased with the results so far.

I say so far because I am continually asking Dennis for improvements which are done professionally, on time and to requirement. I cannot recommend him enough, fantastic service.

If you would like to contact me personally for a reference, you can use any of the contact emails or telephone numbers on the MCUK or SMT websites - Steve Brierley QA / H&S Manager.

Client: Regent Carriage Services

Client Comments:
Regent Carriage Services Ltd is a successful mini cab company operating in South Kensington. During December 2006 we expanded our business three fold and the old processes of manually writing the logging of jobs, dispatching, reporting and invoicing was getting out of control and needed a serious overhaul. There were so many readymade database systems on the market, however none of them were suited to all of our needs and requirements, so we decided to design our own custom database.

This can be a daunting task at the best of times; however we were very lucky to have chosen Dennis to program and enhance our database system. From the very first conversation we had with Dennis regarding our needs we were confident that he had grasped an excellent understanding of our requirements for the database. His understanding of our business needs through his questioning lead to an excellent customised database.

Since we have been working with Dennis we have found him to be thoroughly professional. His work output is of an excellent quality, spot on; on every occasion. His helpful suggestions on enhancements to our database have produced a product that we are absolutely delighted with. To anyone looking for programmer I could not recommend Dennis highly enough.

Jawad Saleem
Business Development Manager
Regent Carriage Services Ltd

Client: Rail Professional Development

Client Comments:
I can give you details of how Dennis listened to our requirements, built 2 very different databases (one for tracking people that we have trained and the other to track each of our consultants work activity, expenses etc. against our client projects) but rather than comment on the details of these systems I would like to say:

Dennis is a very good listener, seeking simple solutions to complex problems. I highly recommend Dennis to any company wishing to create or expand their database requirements. It's not just all computer/database coding talk with Dennis, it's regular vocabulary that we can all understand.

David Graves
Office Manager/Quality Manager
Rail Professional Development

Client: Cachet (London) Ltd

Client Comments:
Cachet (London) Ltd is a Fashion Jewellery Company and we have an old Clipper order processing system that was written for us many years ago when dinosaurs roamed the earth. It's old but reliable and we needed someone who had the experience of these old technologies to enhance and maintain it for us as the original suppliers disappeared some time ago.

I found Dennis with a Google search and he has been invaluable, without him we would have had to had a whole new system written at a substantial cost, however now as long as Microsoft continue to allow Dbase and Clipper to operate we are OK.

Friendly, helpful, responsive. Not very often that you get all those words in one sentence.

Jeremy Tosh, Cachet (London) Ltd
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