Dennis McDermott
Freelance Database Systems and Web Developer

Tel:  0208 123 0528
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Training Courses

I have undertaken the following Training Courses

Please select a Course. (These are listed in reverse chronological order)

  Building XML Applications

JavaScript for Web Development

Developing an E-Commerce Site

Developing a Web Site

Visual Basic and COM for Enterprise Applications

Visual Basic 5.0 Introduction

Visual FoxPro v5.0 Workshop

Visual Foxpro v3.0

Irix Systems Administration for the Silicon Graphics Workstation

Systems Administration for the Sun Workstation (Part 2)

Systems Administration for the Sun Workstation (Part 1)

Solaris (Unix Operating System)

Pascal Programming

Effective Presentations

Fagan Inspection Techniques

Quality Auditing (BS5750)

Structured Programming

Real Time Programming

Coral 66 Programming

Software Quality Assurance

Software for use in connection with BS5750

RSA German Level 1

Estimating for Software Engineers

C Programming

Programming in dBase III+

Banyan Vines Network Administration

City & Guilds in Quality Control

Advanced Ramis Reporter

Ramis file design and maintenance

Ramis Reporter

BTEC III Electronics

TEC II Electronics
Visual FoxPro v3.0

Cotecna Foxware
 Cotecna/Foxware (London) 1997

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Topics Covered
  • Why a new version of FoxPro?
  • What is Object Orientation?
  • Classes
  • Object Identity
  • Object Model
  • Object Oriented Terminology
  • Polymorphism
  • Delegation
  • Self-Recursion
  • Visual FoxPro Base Classes
  • Container Classes
  • Addressing Objects
  • Control Classes
  • Custom Classes
  • The Visual FoxPro Event Model
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