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Clients and Projects

These are a few of the companies I have worked with recently.
  Clients and Projects
121 Fundraising Ltd.
301 Design
Abbey Storage
ABS Wastewater Technology Ltd
Acacia Conservatories
Advice North Lincolnshire
Air Heating (Southern) Ltd.
Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty
Almond Art
Alpha Impact Ltd.
Art du Midi
Barconn Limited
Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals
Blairgowrie Guest House
Brentwood Communications
Broadway Records
Bruce Burlington & Co. Ltd.
Cachet (London) Ltd.
Camping La Corconne
Canon Consumer Imaging
Careys Private Hire
Dartford Council
Disabled Living Foundation
Dellcourt House
Excel IT Ltd.
Fleetwood Building and Maintenance
GAP Photos
Gites in the Languedoc
Haymarket Publishing
Hiltongrove Audio Bank
Hiltongrove Business Space
Lansbury International
Le Palais des Roses
Lynwood Lodge
Marie-Louise von Motesiczky
Metal Cleaning UK Ltd
Midaye Somali Development Network
Moving Ahead Online Ltd.
MSL Medical
Regent Carriage Services
Rail Professional
Rail Professional Development
Sea Containers
South Essex Gymnastics Club
South & East Essex Training Group
Standish Metal Treatment Ltd
The Gifted Goat
The Lamp Company
Thompson and Morgan
Total Crane Services
Virtual BM
Regent Carriage Services

This system consists of a database created by the client using Microsoft Access 2007, the client approached me to incorporate VBA programming to accomplish tasks that were not possible without programming.

Main Menu

Regent Carriage Services - Main Menu

Some of the tasks undertaken were automatic popup of selection forms to promote data consistency, programming of form elements to ensure only logical selection can be made.

Driver Details form

Regent Carriage Services - Driver Details

This form holds details about each driver, as well as car details to monitor such things as insurance renewals

Job Sheet form

Regent Carriage Services - Main Job form

This form provides facilities for the recording and monitoring of Jobs, showing details of the selected job as well as sub sections showing which jobs have been allocated and those that are currently unallocated.

Report Selection Criteria

Regent Carriage Services - Report Selection Criteria

This is a multi-faceted form I created to collect report selection criteria prior to running reports, one form contains all the programming to offer the relevant options to the user dependant on which report they have selected to run.

A typical report

Regent Carriage Services - Typical Report

This is the output from a typical report, the report contain data selected via the report selection criteria form above.

See examples of some of my Microsoft Access Development and VBA Programming Projects here...

Client Comments:
Regent Carriage Services Ltd is a successful mini cab company operating in South Kensington. During December 2006 we expanded our business three fold and the old processes of manually writing the logging of jobs, dispatching, reporting and invoicing was getting out of control and needed a serious overhaul. There were so many readymade database systems on the market, however none of them were suited to all of our needs and requirements, so we decided to design our own custom database.

This can be a daunting task at the best of times; however we were very lucky to have chosen Dennis to program and enhance our database system. From the very first conversation we had with Dennis regarding our needs we were confident that he had grasped an excellent understanding of our requirements for the database. His understanding of our business needs through his questioning lead to an excellent customised database.

Since we have been working with Dennis we have found him to be thoroughly professional. His work output is of an excellent quality, spot on; on every occasion. His helpful suggestions on enhancements to our database have produced a product that we are absolutely delighted with. To anyone looking for programmer I could not recommend Dennis highly enough.

Jawad Saleem
Business Development Manager
Regent Carriage Services Ltd
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